MOTOR [ MTR ] : 6 movements, 120 sequences, infinite scaling

MAX OUT [ MXO ] : 6 movements, 12, 6 or 3 rep max, 36 minutes of brute strength

BLOOD [ BLD ] : 6 movements, one all out set, full body mutation

Anyone can compete, in any gym, from anywhere in the world. Download the app at http://superleague.global/app/ to register and join the League of SuperHumans. 

MTR is testing your engine. How far can you push your body under a time constraint. 6 movements, never changing. But the options are infinite with 120 sequences and algorithmic scaling

MXO is your max lift for a given number of reps – how much weight can you move with a rep limitation? 6 movements, 6 minutes each to kill a 12, 6 or 3 RM

BLD is a true test of your humanity. How well do you strategize, how much steel can you move in one continuous set, and what is your true mental ceiling? 6 movements, 1 continuous set to absolute failure

(M) Super Heavyweight – 240 pounds and over
(M) Heavyweight – 220 to 239 pounds
(M) Cruiserweight – 200 to 219 pounds
(M) Light Heavyweight – 180 to 199 pounds

(F) Middleweight – 140 to 150 pounds
(F) Lightweight – 130 to 139 pounds
(F) Featherweight – 120 to 129 pounds
(F) Angelweight – 119 pounds and below

Download the app * SUPER LEAGUE * in the Apple or Google Store, and contact our athlete director at Su@superleague.live. You can also find us on Instagram @superleague.live.